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June 30, 2010 / Halie

kate moss x topshop: summer 2009

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I love this Topshop campaign (for the S/S 2009 collection). The photos are fantastic – the colors are amazing and the shots have an old hollywood, vintage feel while at the same time being fresh and summery. Enjoy!

Source: All Kate Moss images photographed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott for Topshop, 2009. Accessed via Google Images.

June 28, 2010 / Halie

un peu de chanel, s’il vous plaît

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Oui, oui! Just a compilation of some vintage Chanel ads. I love the ones in the bottom corners – the one on the left is so youthful and fresh (and classic), and the one on the right is just so chic. Which ones are your favorites?

Source: All Chanel ads used in collage via All other images via Google Images.

June 26, 2010 / Halie

peter lindbergh’s “magnificent obsession”

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It’s impossible for me to really describe this feature (from the July 2010 issue of Vogue). It’s brilliant. Peter Lindbergh is a genius. The casting is perfect. The fact that the editorial tells a story as opposed to being a compilation of fashion images gives the shoot a whole new dimension that extends far beyond the clothes (which are gorgeous, by the way). This story is not an easy one to capture in eleven images, and Peter Lindbergh managed not only to do it, but to do a beautiful job at it. This work is stunning!

Source: All images used photographed by Peter Lindbergh, via

June 24, 2010 / Halie

i ♥ topshop

What self-respecting fashionista doesn’t adore Topshop? There’s something there for everyone, whether you’re into eccentric looks, lots of feminine details, or basic pieces you can use to build your wardrobe. Here are a few of my favorites for summer – a floaty, wear-everywhere floral dress, some lively shorts, a breezy peach top (which would pair nicely with the shorts, I must say), a body suit (to wear under everything), a vibrant red frock … the list goes on. What are your favorite Topshop finds?

Sources: All images used in collage via and Google Images.

June 23, 2010 / Halie

prada! prada! prada!

PRADA. The word itself feels like something that should be shouted from the mountaintops. The clothes are gorgeous, and the Prada Fall 2010 ready-to-wear collection did not disappoint. Here – a selection of my favorite looks from the show. I’m not one to normally go for anything remotely retro, but everything was just so chic. I loved the black, double-breasted jackets, the cinched waists, and the long wool socks tucked into beautiful heels.

Source: All runway images photographed by Marcio Madeira / and accessed via

June 22, 2010 / Halie

burberry prorsum fall 2010 rtw

I very much like this collection. My favorite part? That bright, cobalt blue jacket. I’ve never really been a fan of primary blue, but the color is growing on me. It’s just so very … striking. (On another note, it might have something to do with this Rebecca Taylor minidress.)

Source: All runway images photographed by Marcio Madeira / and accessed via

June 21, 2010 / Halie

trendspotting: tribal


1. Forever 21 “Tribal Silky Top,” $24.80

2. Forever 21 “Printed Woven Skirt,” $15.80

3. Madewell “Twisted Metal & Crystals Necklace,” $98

4. Topshop “Tribal Plait Drops Earrings,” $40

5. Topshop “Leopard Cutout Side Tunic,” $44

6. T-Bags “Printed Jersey Playsuit,” NOW ON SALE for $49.50 (via

7. Tibi “Brazillia Beading Dress,” $495 (via

8. Spun by Subtle Luxury “Ikat Diamond Print Scarf,” $35 (via

9. Steve Madden “Erinnn,” NOW ON SALE for $49.50 (via

10. Sam Edelman “Quintessa,” $189 (via

11. Urban Outfitters “Hammered Stone Cuff,” $24

Source: Images used in collage via,,,,,, and

June 20, 2010 / Halie

a romp in the hay

Ah, I must admit it: I have discovered a newfound infatuation with rompers. There is something so absolutely delightful about their chic, childish innocence, and something so appealing about the fuss-free way in which they slide on and you’re ready to go. In no particular order, here are six rompers I’m lusting after this summer.

1. Madewell “Tank Romper,” $98.

2. Topshop “Flower Zip Playsuit,” $55.

3. Aqua “Printed Romper,” NOW ON SALE $54.60.

4. J. Crew “Stripe Silk Romper,” $118.

5. Abercrombie & Fitch “Brieann,” $68.

6. Forever 21 “Tribal Shapes Woven Romper,” $19.90.

Have a fabulous (and fashionable) day!

Sources: All images in collage via,,,,, and

June 19, 2010 / Halie

through the looking glass

I’m sure you’ve seen this editorial (from the December 2003 issue of Vogue) before, but I couldn’t resist posting it again. The clothes are stunning, the photography is excellent, and the scenery is gorgeous!

Photographed by the talented Annie Leibovitz. (Read a Vanity Fair article here or listen to a New York Times interview here.)

Source: All images used photographed by Annie Leibovitz and accessed via

December 29, 2009 / Halie

through the lens

I’ve had many adventures in the fashion sector of the blogosphere, all of which have eventually died out, usually because I never really had the time (or energy) to keep writing and taking photos all the time, several times a week at the very least. And, I’m sure, many people don’t have the time to read incredibly long posts every single day on all of their favorite blogs (at least I know I don’t). So I promise to keep this one brief.

I want Style Lens to simply be a collection of yummy fashion photography. Some new editorials, the latest photographers, models, and up-and-coming designers, and, of course, the beautiful vintage classics that we should never forget. (And of course, shopping posts – it is a fashion blog too, after all.) I personally have a great interest in photography (not to mention fashion), and I want this blog to reflect that. I hope you’ll come to think of it as a weekly fashion journal (probably a Sunday morning post to enjoy every week) where you can catch up on the fashion world without spending too much time sorting through tons of blogs and long, in-depth articles. It’s merely a place for inspiration, to give you ideas about your own wardrobe and to admire some beautiful photography along the way.

I hope you enjoy reading and browsing through some gorgeous photographs! ♥

Above photo: by Edward Steichen (for Condé Nast), 1928. Image courtesy Google Images.