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July 12, 2010 / Halie


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There are several reasons why I love this Harper’s Bazaar editorial (photographed by Simon Procter):

1. The clothes are incredible. Sure, there are plenty of editorials out there with cute clothes, but these ones are particularly stunning and I love the way they featured specific designers. With plenty of “Price Upon Request” options, what’s not to love? (Okay, so you’ll never be able to buy them. But they’re still fun to look at.)

2. Emma Watson is gorgeous. She’s a classic, smart beauty that tries not to let fame get to her head and I absolutely adore her for it. (And hate her a bit for it too.)

3. It’s Harry Potter themed! Admit it — at some point, you probably wanted to attend Hogwarts or play Quidditch (I know I still do). Plus it makes for a gorgeous set to showcase all the designers!

Source: All images in this post photographed by Simon Procter for Harper’s Bazaar. Images via



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  1. Grit and Glamour / Jul 12 2010 10:52 am

    Harper’s is my favorite mag…so I agree!

    ♥ V

  2. Hali / Jul 12 2010 1:05 pm

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